ThinkPad T440s 構成詳細


Total memory 8GB PC3-12800 4GBBS+4GB1D
Hard drive 500GB HDD 7200rpm
Battery 3cell LiPolymer 23.2Wh Front
WiFi wireless LAN adapters Intel 7260 BT M.2
Wireless WAN accessories NONE
AC Adapter and Power Cord 45W AC Adpt2 Japan
Accessible Optimized Preload NONE
Adobe Acrobat NONE
Adobe Elements NONE
Adobe Lightroom NONE
Battery 2 6cell LiIon 72Wh Cyl HC Rear
Camera 720p HD Camera
Display Panel T440s 14.1FHD WWAN
ITC - Drop in Box NONE
ITC - Enhanced Service NONE
ITC - Harddrive Encryption NONE
ITC - Imaging Service 1 NONE
ITC - Imaging Service 2 NONE
ITC - Imaging Service 3 NONE
ITC - Imaging Service 4 NONE
ITC - Imaging Service 5 NONE
ITC - Imaging Service 6 NONE
ITC - Project Type NONE
ITC - Solution using SmartImg NONE
ITC - Vpro Provisioning (VPRO) NONE
ITC - Who Created The Image NONE
Keyboard Language KYB (Backlit) US English
Keyboard Patch NONE
Language Interface Packs NONE
Microsoft Office NONE
Microsoft Windows 7 XP Mode NONE
Nok Nok Labs client software NONE
Pointing device T440s FPR,dock
Prelaod OS Windows 8 64
Preload Language W8 64 Japanese
Preload Type Standard Image
Processor Intel Core i5-4200U on MB
Publication Language Pub; Japanese
Recovery Media NONE
Reserved Char #1 J04 NONE
Reserved Char #2 J04 NONE
SIM Card for WWAN 2 NONE
Security Chip 2 Security Chip Enabled
Selectable Warranty 1 Year Depot or Carry-in
Shipping Country Japan
Software Application NONE
Storage Adapter No M.2
System Unit T440s Intel i5-4200U 4GB
System expansion slots Smart Card Reader

気になるのは、Display Panelが、T440s 14.1FHD WWANとなっていること。
これは、WWANのアンテナは配線されていると言うことか。X1 Carbonでは無配線だったので、これはうれしいかもしれないが、間違いかも知れないので期待せずに待っておこう。